The Future Text Project


In an era of super-high resolution televisions with large numbers of high quality programme available instantly and of highly realistic and immersive computer games – both experiences made possible by high-powered digital devices – document discourse is still rooted in the analogue era of non-interactive vertical columns of black type on white pieces of paper. So the question becomes: How can we massively augment the process of Authoring and Reading using powerful networked devices?




My approach therefore is to build the best Reading & Writing environments we can, starting with my own macOS and iOS word processor Author, which I am building powerful Dynamic Views to make Authoring and Reading more visually interactive for, and started the open development of more transparent Socratic Publishing and host dialogue, including the annual Future of Text Symposium


The goal is to build something real and useful to demo for the 50th Anniversary of Doug Engelbart’s Mother of All Demos, on the 9th of December 2018 in support of the Doug@50 Project and continue explorations after that, covering the full document process. Your Support would be very welcome indeed.



Frode Hegland,
Japan, November 2017


I invite you to read our Journal and to get in touch if this is interesting to you: