future of text 2019

‘how texts connect’



This year's symposium will be presented by WAIS on the 9th of November at the University of Southampton in the UK, featuring the following luminaries who will be presenting for 10 mins followed by 5 mins dialog and further dialogue towards the end of the day. Students and staff from the University of  Southampton are welcome and the event is free but please register at




8:30 Doors Open


Coffee and pastries served



9:00 Prompt Start


  • 9:00 Welcome by Frode Hegland Symposium Organizer and software developer


  • 9:15 Adam Kampff Neuroscientist at the Sainsbury-Wellcome Centre and founder of Voight-Kampff
  • 9:30 Alessio Antonini Research Associate at Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University
  • 9:45 Benjamin Koehne Staff UX Researcher, Google NYC
  • 10:00 Christopher Gutteridge University of Southampton
  • 10:15 Dave King Founder, Exaptive Inc.


10:30 Coffee Break


  • 11:00 David Millard University of Southampton
  • 11:15 Gyuri Lajos TrailMarks Founder
  • 11:30 Harold Thimbleby See Change Digital Health Fellow at Swansea University and Author of 'Press On'
  • 11:45 Howard Oakley Mac Developer and Technical Writer
  • 12:00 Ian Cooke Contemporary British Collections, The British Library
  • 12:15 Jeremy Helm Inventor, Communication Advocate and California Bay Area Organizer of 2020orBust.org


12:30 Lunch


  • 13:30 Leslie Carr University of Southampton
  • 13:45 Mark Anderson University of Southampton
  • 14:00 Neil Jefferies Head of Innovation, Bodleian Digital Libraries, University of Oxford
  • 14:15 Paul Smart Philosopher and Author of ‘Blade Runner 2049: A Philosophical Exploration’
  • 14:30 Phil Gooch Founder & CEO Scholarcy
  • 14:45 Pip Willcox Head of Research, The National Archives, UK


15:00 Coffee Break


  • 15:45 Raine Revere Developer of EM
  • 16:00 Sam Brooker Assistant Professor, Richmond University UK
  • 16:15 Tom Standage Deputy Editor of The Economist and Author of ‘Writing on the Wall’
  • 16:30 Vint Cerf Internet Co-Inventor & Pioneer
  • 16:45 Dame Wendy Hall Regius Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton


17:00 Prompt Finish


All presentations will be video recorded.






We are also putting together a book, to be published next year.





WAIS (Web And Internet Science) at the University of Southampton is the host of this year's Symposium and is hosting a WAIS Fest to connect with the Symposium. Information for WAIS team for the WAIS fest leading up the Symposium is available at: secure.ecs.soton.ac.uk/wiki/w/WAISFest2019

The hashtag is #waissoton