Future of Text : Demo Planning for 50th Anniversary


December 8, 2018 Crowne Plaza Cabana, Palo Alto


This year's Future of Text Event was a summit, in California, in support of the Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doug Engelbart's Demo the next day.


Audio Recordings of the day:  Part A   Part B



posing by the plaque showing that this is where Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn designed the TCP protocol



Back Row: Frode Hegland, Bruce Horn, Bob Czech, Dan Whaley, Marc Weber, Bob Frankston, Christopher Gutteridge, Douglas Crawford, Dave King, Adam Cheyer, Shannan Callies, Jack Park

Front Row: Duke Crawford, Nima Johari, Vint Cerf, Harvey Lehtman, Marc-Antoine Parent


For more information about the work, please visit jrnl.global