Deep Literacy


In the same way that traditional literacy cannot be learnt or exercised without the tools to write and the media to read, deep literacy demands powerful tools for the user to learn and use. To develop such tools and the infrastructure to support them requires efforts from commercial and academic entities in concert with what we are aiming to provide here: A forum for dialogue and experiment unconstrained by commercial or academic concerns, working to open up new vistas of opportunity.


The potential for powerful digital text tools to make the text richly interactive holds great promise to increase the quality of our intellectual and emotional lives.


Furthermore, in a world of weaponised text, it could be argued that we should arm the public to be as deeply literate as possible and not just the public who we sees themselves as ‘being on our side’ or ‘agreeing with our perspectives’ but, crucially and maybe more importantly, those who do not. In the deeply complex information world we find ourselves we cannot afford shallow disagreements.



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