Deliverables : Record & Code



The work product of the institute will be the record of the dialogue and code from our experiential software experiences. This will include:




dialogue Records Hosted on The Journal


Deliverables after 1 year will be recorded dialogue of all the annual Symposium as well as our meetings and presentations in our own enhanced blogging system called Journal. The components of the Journal system itself will be made public on an ongoing basis as a deliverable, as will all other experimental code.





Hosted Code


We will initially focus on the Journal and then move on to further projects as discussions indicate and experience guides us.





Experimental Effort & Experiential Experience


The dual importance of fostering dialogue, recording it and experimenting with building better text dialogue systems cannot be overemphasised: We must open the dialogue to a wider participation and we must turn words into experiences.


Furthermore, we cannot, by definition, specify exactly what we will build as this then would only be implementation based on what is already known. This must be true experimentation on what Doug Engelbart called the 'C' level of activity.




This institute is above all an experiment. Come experience it with us.