50th Anniversary of
Doug Engelbart's Demo
Symposium Schedule



9th of December 2018


Computer History Museum 1401 N Shoreline Blvd.

Mountain View, CA 94043  USA +1650.810.1010




Welcome and introduction to the day by Marc Weber, Frode Hegland & Vint Cerf.



The Context

Licklider and the world

5 min:


Background (Weber or Waldrop)

Hypertext pioneers movie

Describe background including Licklider, Nelson, Bitzer, other timesharing, computer utilities, etc., also Otlet/Goldberg/Bush/Wells background


Demo, what it showed (Engelbart, Rulifson, Markoff?)

Footage from demo; more polished mini movie if available

Demo of restored NLS/Augment on either new or mocked-up original equipment, if available

Emphasize how radical some now-familiar aspects were - individual workstations with screens, word processing, mouse, windows, spell checker, etc.





The Epiphany


5 min:

Brief video of Doug talking about his epiphany. Maybe audio from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtTkhxetnbI&t=19s&index=2&list=PLYx4DnFWaXV_TOde9N_GyNULPk3tvImZm with new visuals.



The Paper

The 1962 Paper

5 min:

 Key points of the Augmenting Human Intellect paper


The Demo

What Doug Engelbart Did & Why

5 min:

Video presentation on Doug Engelbart and the 1968 demo

10 min presentations:

Mitchell Waldrop introduces the world leading up to Doug

Gardner Campbell on Doug’s epiphany and 1962 AHI: Conceptual Framework as driving vision

Adele Goldberg on history and Doug (not final)



– Coffee Break (15 min ) –



The Day

Those Who Were There

30 min Panel. Moderated by:

John Markoff

“What it was like, key take-aways, impact to society, what’s still missing today?”

Featuring a panel of:

Jeff Rulifson

Charles Irby

Christina Engelbart

Alan Kay

Stewart Brand

Andy van Dam

Roberta English

Bill English

Don Andrews

Bill Paxton



The Framework For Further Work

(directed coevolution in the The Capability Infrastructure )


Doug Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution

20 min presentation

Doug's message for today’s leaders presentation:

Short video of Doug presenting key points of his Unfinished Revolution

Jeff Rulifson

Christina Engelbart



5-10 min each

Harvey Lehtman or Adam Cheyer - how Doug’s bootstrapping manifested in his lab and demos

Gardner Campbell - Doug’s  Bootstrapping Brilliance applied in Research and Education

Possibly Lemelson-MIT - networked HS invention teams as a case for Bootstrapping Brilliance


– Lunch (45 min ) –


Building The Future


Network for a 21st Century DKR. Do we have a chance to build one?

30 min Panel

Tim Berners-Lee

Vint Cerf

Bob Kahn

3:45. This is when the demo started.
(event to be announced)

– Coffee Break (15  min) –



Building a 21st DKR

Sessions of a presentation followed by Q&A. Time will be depending on what the group has built to show:

Software people



The Next Generation 'Young Augmenteers'

Sessions of a single 10 min presentation followed by 5 mins Q&A:


This may be supplemented with a poster opportunity


Perspectives On An 'Engelbartian' Future

Sessions of 10 min presentations followed by 5 mins Q&A:

Eric & Andrew McLuhan

Adam Cheyer

Tom Gruber

Bret Victor

Peter Norvig

Jane Yellowlees Douglas

John Hennessy

Joi Ito

Eric Ries on transformational strategy

Futurist on planetary/global trends that tax our organizations, governments, NGOs



Wrap Up

Conclusions and take-aways - Past, Present, and Future

Paul Saffo


Thank You for Coming

Marc Weber and Christina Engelbart



4:30 - Drinks Reception




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