Initial Draft Journal Reader Initial Draft



The first project is intended to both make our dialog more effective and to make the dialog record more accessible to ourselves and to others in a way which is the most cost effective and quick to cobble together. For this reason we will use wordpress as our platform and focus on the unified timeline or different bloggers and to make navigating it magical. This means that, just like on social media platforms like Twitter, you can choose whose blogs to ‘follow’ so that it becomes easy to keep on top of the Future Text Institute dialog.


The feed will also include automatically extracted transcripts from the YouTube videos of our virtual and physical meetings which will be available both in the scrolling feed and for searching so that we can finally have the ability to specify a search easily such as: “Show ‘Engelbart’ mentions from last Thursday’ and so on.





Criteria. The system must provide


Constraints. The system must


Inteoperability. The system must



Sketch of Interactions


Rough thinking sketch of possible layouts of interaction elements. User can click on individual posts to view them full screen. Individual text interactions are not indicated here:



This is of course similar to the now-defunct Google Reader and there are components available online which we will use–we are not looking at re-inventing all the wheels.



Why a 'Simple' RSS Reader?


We have to take responsibilities for what we think is useful, not just what is big or impressive. This is an early key to the puzzle, must get past the Bush Curse. Polishing to make it truly useful will be the hard part and the most useful part. In order to do this we need to start building, using, testing and playing.