[advisors and further team members will be listed here as we get closer to launch]






Advisory Board








The Team are those who will participate actively in the project and will be committed to attending the weekly update call (as far as is possible) and to be requested to blog as part of their interaction. The availability of Team member time will necessarily vary but it is expected that Contributors take responsibility for attending meetings and keeping the group up to date on their activities. Team members will be financially supported to varying degrees depending on available FTI resources and requirements of the specific contributor, if and when such means are available.









The Contributors are essentially the same as Team members but are not able to make the same time commitment though they are committed to contributing to the work of the institute.

daily work will take place primarily at different physical locations with daily opportunities for checking-in with the rest of the team (4-6pm UK time Monday-Friday on at least one online meeting platform) and mid-week (Wednesday) required update meetings.




Partner Organizations






The implementation work will not all be done by Team members or Contributors, we will also pay Vendors where we are able to and where it's clear work needs to be done which we cannot expect or spend the time waiting for (primarily) volunteers to undertake. This is an important principle to make sure we don't get stuck waiting for someone who has other commitments, as so often happens in organizations which rely on the free time of those involved.







Sponsors are the foundations of what we are able to do and that is why they are placed here at the bottom of the list, supporting all the efforts.




Join us


As well as recruiting for the team, we need help with dialogue and funding. Please feel free to get in touch with our Executive Director, Frode Hegland, should you be interested in either or have any ideas for us: