Weaponised Text



Crucially, we must not only augment ourselves – our own groups. If we believe in the ideals of liberal democratic discourse we must also augment those who we consider to be our adversaries, both close to home and far away.


To put it in non-politically correct terms: When the stakes are as high as they are now, we can't afford to argue with someone who is ill-informed and ill-equipped to interact with the world's knowledge.


In a world where information can be weaponised, ignorance is still more dangerous. From this perspective investing in the future of text becomes a national and international security priority (as discussed by Bloomberg). It follows then that it becomes crucial to have an institute devoted to this (and ideally a network in different parts of the world competing and sharing knowledge), and to not only rely on commercial efforts or on academic research funded by local agencies with narrow scope.


Please note that the importance of universal augmentation does not in any way mean dumbing down the work, it still means striving to augment knowledge workers to the height of their abilities.