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A vision of near future Extended Reality

You are sitting at your desk and put on your XR glasses, then you make a fist and  move your hand up, as though you are pulling up a sheet, and a map of the earth appears out of the ground, centred on your location. You pull it up further and it shapes to comfortably fit on your desk where you can scale it and move around with intuitive gestures.

This is an idea for gestures as ‘shortcuts’, similarly to how we can use keyboard shortcuts or gestures on our computers to do specific things instantly, instead of going through menus.

Imagine further that if you stand up, the map covers your room, and if you gesture in a circle, your room disappears and the map stretches to the horizon. You use your hands to move anywhere on earth and if you like, you can scale the earth to fit in your hand so you can then look around the solar system, our galaxy and perhaps beyond, eventually holding Laniakea in your hands.

Picture this as a default you get from your preferred vendor of XR glasses but at any scale of looking at the world you can open your hand, palm face towards you, and have access to choose any other model for that scale, time or location. In other words, your virtual desktop is infinite but you can always choose to view a different version of anywhere, any time.

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