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Proposal for Metadata transmission standard between XR and traditional computer/laptop

I propose that we need a simple way to transfer whatever is in a document’s metadata, as well as the document itself, irrespective of contents. I further propose that this simply be Visual-Meta wrapped in JSON.

• Traditional computer host application reads all Visual-Meta from a document and wraps it in JSON for transmission.

• webXR receives information and parses Visual-Meta, same as the traditional computer application would (code available for this).

This removes the need for transcoding. An additional dummy file (PDF) acts as Library, storing all Library view and layout information, also in the format of Visual-Meta and is transferred in the same way. It will simply be called Library.PDF Information is to be designed as a group. This file will include list data for 2D devices and 3D information for XR.

User’s laptop needs to be online with WebDAV running in the Library software (in the case of our basic implementation that is Reader) to synch with the webXR system. Once done the user can put laptop to sleep. Synch should be continuously attempted in order to automatically reconnect to receive data from the headset to the laptop.

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