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AI for IA ‘Prompts’

For the fourth volume of The Future of Text we as the question of how we want to work with AI for Intelligence Augmentation (IA).

While we acknowledge dangers of AI, we are grateful that there is a robust dialog around the associated issues. We feel that there should also be a strong dialog around who we want to be with AI and how we want our children to be with AI. There is no question that AI will be used by students. AI is already used for the majority of university entrance applications, as the admissions of a top UK university explained to me just last week. Here are few prompts to think about working with AI (pun intended). Feel free to read them or ignore them. I hope you will have some thoughts on this to share.

A clear benefit of AI should be that rote, boring work can be reduced. That’s great, but what’s beyond that initial aim?

We therefore need to ask not just what tools to build but what we want the end result to be–who we want to be with AI.

  • How can we build AI Interactions which augment rather then circumvent our intelligence?
  • Do we want AI to help us summarise, analyse or find information and if so, in what way?
  • Do we want to interact with AI in our work through written chat, graphs, spoken voice, sculptural or in other ways?
  • What should be goal be? Improving how we communicate, how we think critically or how we connect information, or something else?