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AI in Liquid

AI queries made available through Liquid, in a similar way to Reader & Author.

Goal: Give users the power of AI when working to help them evaluate & understand the material and how it connects to other knowledge in their field.


Issue Command

User ctrl-clicks on selected text and a new command ‘Ask AI’, appears at the very top of the list:

This menu has sub items, as listed here (subject to editing before release and user editing at will):

  • ‘Summarize in a sentence’ (s)
  • ‘List the main points’ (p) [spacebar shortcut]
  • ‘Describe in simpler language’ (l)
  • ‘What is this’ (w)
  • ‘Show me more examples’ (e)
  • ‘What does this relate to’ (r)
  • ‘Show me counter examples’ (c)
  • ‘Create a timeline’ (t)
  • ‘Discuss the causes and effects’ (&)
  • ‘Inspire me with what to write next‘ (n)
  • ‘Add custom prefix‘ (a) – see below
  • ––
  • ‘Edit’ (which opens Liquid’s Preferences to allow the user to design their own)



The process is that once the user chooses an option from the sub-menu, this is appended to the selected text, up front, forming a prompt for the AI to operate on.

The relationship between hypertext research and games design is not clear, despite the striking similarity between literary hyper…”

Example prompts.



The results are shown in a floating window where the query text is shown in a box, as below, and the results below. The text can be interacted with to copy it. To dismiss simply close the window.


Prompt Prefix

If the user chooses ‘Ask with custom prefix prompt‘ (a) then Liquid presents this text entry dialog (based on the current command Copy/Sentences with).

Here the user can quickly add their own prefix prompt and hit the ‘submit’ button to execute.

Workflow: Select text, launch Liquid, ‘a’, ‘a’, type then ‘enter’


Implementation Notes

Everything else is as the implementation in Reader, including the Preferences should be the same in Liquid as they are in Reader.

The background colour in the results should be #f0f1f1 however. In dark mode it should be #323232 with white text.

If the user has not entered a key, trying to use any Ask AI command will ask for the key.

The results window will remain a regular window the user can close (no dialog asking if the user wants to close it) or select text to copy or do further Liquid command with. Each new Ask AI command produces a new window.