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I have applied to a work at Apple via Vint, something I am very grateful for him helping me do. Esther kindly asked me a few questions which I have replied to here:

What should they do?  

I am not coming to this with a specific thing Apple must do, but with a range of options of what I feel would be beneficial for education:

  • Visual-Meta as standard for Pages and Preview.
  • Take Author and Reader in-house as academic focused applications.
  • Curate a larger Academic section on the macOS App Store.

How would you help them do it?

What are the dangers?  

How will education change?  

(Hint, on this one I am talking about how kids now need  to be trained to ask good questions and to validate the answers, rather than write essays….

Work internally and inspire developers externally to build new ways of interacting with text when reading, writing, editing and thinking.