VR Experiences

We built a few VR experiences and experiments for the Symposium, listed below, which should work on most headsets since they are web based. Please give any feedback by clicking on the person’s name below (they are links to their twitter handles) or during the Symposium. Dialog is so important but please remember these are… Continue reading VR Experiences

Issues concerning text in VR

Along with questions listed above and questions raised by you, there are two aspects which become prominent and underlay how we can develop VR environments which are open and connected: • How addressability will work in VR; how locations, time, applications and locations in knowledge structures can be addressed. (you can’t address something if you can’t ‘address’… Continue reading Issues concerning text in VR

The Future of Text Vol 3

Introduction [draft] Welcome to ‘The Future of Text Volume 3’ where we focus on VR/AR and AI. VR (including AR) is about to go mainstream and this can offer tremendous improvements for how we think, work and communicate. There are serious issues around how open and VR environments will be and how knowledge objects and… Continue reading The Future of Text Vol 3

2022 Symposium

VR is about to reach mass usage so we are focusing on text in VR, specifically for knowledge work, for the 2022 Symposium. Similarly, we look at AI methods for augmenting text since this is also becoming mainstream. Why Text? | Why VR & AI? | VR Experiences In order to unleash text in VR… Continue reading 2022 Symposium

Why Text?

Why a symposium on text? To be more effective at our work we need more effective ways to interact with the masses of text we come across in our work every day. Very little has improved since the first graphical word processor of the Macintosh in 1984 – let alone Doug Engelbart’s Augment of the… Continue reading Why Text?

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