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With a focus on realising the potential of richly interactive text, we work to produce experiences, foster dialog and work to enable further developments in a rich ecosystem of ideas and implementation potential.


We host live dialog with an annual Symposium, which has been going for over a decade, special guest presentations and weekly research team sessions.

The outcomes of the Symposium is published annually in a book series.


We build software in order to experiment and experience different futures of text, currently with the Author & Reader software for macOS, as well as WebVR experiments.

The outcomes of the software experiences is published and available for general use.


We further designed and implemented the Visual-Meta approach to rich and robust metadata to enable anyone to build more connected experiences outside of their own system, contributing to a richly connected information environment.


Academic Research

We are partnering with WAIS at the University of Southampton to pursue academic research opportunities and we are open to Sponsorship from individuals and institutions.


Practical & Legal

We operate under the British company, The Augmented Text Company.