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Information for Presenters

The contents of 2022 Symposium including transcripts of both presentations and dialogue will become Volume III of The Future of Text.

Presenters are asked to share at least a brief abstract of their thoughts ahead of time (see below) but you are also invited to share a presentation in full beforehand. This is up to you.

Please note that it is also possible to submit a paper choosing to present on the day.


  • Deadline to submit a paper/abstract is two weeks ahead of time, to allow for any edits, on the 13th of September. This paper does not need to have final polish and can be thought of as a poster
  • Papers will be distributed to all the attendees 1 week before the symposium, on the 20th of September, as a special issue of our Journal

  • The Symposium is on the 27th & 28th of September

  • All symposium attendees will have the opportunity to submit a comment on any paper or any aspect of the symposium within one month of the event, the 27th of October. Presenters may also submit a more polished version of their paper, should they so wish
  • Volume III The Future of Text to be published by the end of the year

Paper Format

The paper ideally should have:

  • A brief summary
  • A main section of the author’s chosen length
  • A conclusion of what effect the author would like the paper to have on the reader, whether this is to stir the reader into specific action or contemplation

The paper needs to be submitted in Author, Pages or Word formats. We prefer Author format since this is the writing software developed by us in concert with the symposium and is optimised for creating our Journal. You can find out more about it here and please feel free to get in touch for your free copy: 
Please have a look at previous issued of the Journal to get a feel for the style if you like.

VR Experiences

Any VR experiences will be posted on the VR page.

Format : Presentations & Dialogue

The format is 5-10 min presentations followed by 10-15 min dialogue for a total of 20 mins per presenter.

We have been doing this for quite a few years now and find that this format keeps us all engaged and keeps the momentum going. The timing is rigorously enforced for an stress-free day. Slides or no slides is up to the individual speaker. No live demo of any software however, due to the very tight speaking slots, though recorded demos are of course very much welcomed. The purpose of day one is to bring together as many useful perspectives on the future of text as possible, however tangential, to stimulate creative thinking.