We engage in a wide-ranging dialogue but we feel it's useful to have the dialogue grounded in real project work so therefore also work on implementations. We are currently seeking funding support for these priority projects:



Dynamic Views : Liquid Space & TrailMarks


We are working on a visualisation system which allows the user to import and connect data from multiple sources, including blogs, repositories and native applications.

Temporary location:

jrnl posts on Liquid Space

Integrations: Importing and exporting to data sources including the jrnl, hyperGlossaries, knowledge graphs, academic repositories, databases including Wikis and word processors.



highly connected glossaries : hyperGlossaries


Hyperglossaries are a distributed way through which authors can easily link to what they have written before, to save re-writing and to make work better connected and to help readers get deeper understanding without making documents more verbose.

jrnl posts on hyperGlossaries

Integrations: Knowledge graphs and word processors as well as the jrnl and Liquid Space.



Wordpress Plugins : jrnl


We are also working on WordPress plugins to augment online documents with Doug Engelbart inspired capabilities through the project.

jrnl posts on jrnl work jrnl | posts on the 'blue dot' interface | posts on WordPress templates

Integrations: Enables high resolution linking, Liquid Space integration, hyperGlossary support and fast searching for authors of their own work for hypertextual inclusion.