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Questions about VR for FoT V4


New types of tools

  • How will we define ‘tool’?
  • Where will the equivalent of a context menu be in VR? 
  • What tools will work where–will you be able to take tools with you between different environments?
  • What about physical tools? (will we use pens and gadgets or just our fingers in the air?)


  • What will ‘work’ be?
  • What might symbol manipulation at scale be?


  • What will our bodies become?
  • How will we move and interact?

Hypertext in VR 

  • What are links, what are connections?
  • What is a space, how do we move between spaces? 

Space & environments

  • Will we move information our ourselves–or both?
  • What is a ‘wall’, is it defined as a rectangle or with semantic meaning?
  • What is it positioned in relation to; my head, my desk, the room? 


  • What software owns what?
  • What can be seen, interacted with and ‘taken’ in shared spaces by the different interactors?