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Symposium 2023 {Xtended}

The Symposium was held in London and online 4-5th of October 2023.

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The next Symposium, co-hosted by Frode Hegland and Vint Cerf will be held at The Groucho Club in London (45 Dean Street) in London and online. The Symposium will focus on text in XR and text related to AI, as part of the Future of Text XR Initiative. Please note however, this does not at all preclude other aspects of the future of text, which are all equally warmly welcomed and essential to unleashing the potential of the future of text in all forms. All presentations from this year’s Symposium will be transcribed and included in ‘Vol IV of Future of Text’ which will be published late 2023. You can see our current XR Experiences online.


4th of October {Central London & Online}

Online: 1AM-9AM Pacific. 4AM-Noon East Coast. 9AM-5PM UK time. 10AM-6PM Europe. 6PM-2AM Western.

  • 9:00am – Coffee & pastries
  • 9:15am – Opening Remarks by Frode Hegland & Vint Cerf
  • 9:45am – 5 min presentations, followed by 10 min dialog
  • 12:00 – Lunch
  • 1:00pm – Themed discussions, as discussed before lunch (text for thought/presentation/editing)
  • 4:00pm – Coffee & pastries & XR
  • 5:00pm – Close
  • 6:00pm – Dinner nearby

5th of October {Wimbledon & Online}

  • 9:00am – Coffeeshop opportunity
  • 12-00 – Lunch (likely Tate Modern or nearby)
  • 1:30pm – 1 ½ hour walking tour from Blackfriars
  • 4:00pm – Session continues online
  • 6:00pm – Dinner

Online: 8AM Pacific. 1AM East Coast. 4PM UK time (local to event). 5PM Europe. For 2 hours.


Walking tour: In this the year of the 400th anniversary of the publication of The First Folio (the book that was the first to bring together all of Shakespeare’s plays in print) we will explore: the impact of the introduction of the first “mass” printing press by William Caxton;  the birth and growth of Fleet Street as the centre for printing in London; the birth of England’s first book shops around St Paul’s and the church of St Dunstan in the west; the battle to control and regulate the print market; and Shakespeare’s relationship with the printed word in his lifetime. Along the way we will meet a few key players of the age in the print and publishing business (and some of their sharp practices!).