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The Future of Text initiative is run by me, Frode, who is passionate about the potential of the future of text. In the Lab I am joined the wonderful people listed on the Future Text Lab and I co-host The Future of Text Symposium with Vint Cerf and Ismail Serageldin.

Frode Alexander Hegland

I am passionate about the potential for the future of text to augment how we think and communicate. This page lays out what I am doing about it and is an open invitation for you to join any of the efforts which you may be interested in

I believe that when we develop the means through which we can interact with text in richer ways, we develop the means through which we can interact with our knowledge–and each other–in richer ways. This will not be done through technique or tool alone, it will need to be done by building more powerful tools to support more techniques, unceasing a deeper literacy.

It is all too easy to think that we know what text is, yet the way we interact with text has changed beyond recognition from analog to digital text. Tom Lombardo wrote that “truth kills creativity”. We think, from our everyday experience, that the truth of what text is what text does for us today. This ignores the long history of experimentation with what text can be, such as by the great pioneer thinkers of early digital text, such as Douglas Engelbart and Ted Nelson.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in any aspects of this work.

I’m a former infantry soldier, advertising executive and teacher of the year, who is now entirely focused on realising the most powerful futures of text. For myself, for you, but most of all, for my beautiful son Edgar.

Frode Alexander Hegland