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Text Thinking

A series of concrete examples of how I think around text, ranging from smaller interaction ideas such as iMessage Audio to Text, to a new infrastructure for published documents:

archives (dating back to the late 1990s)

There is a record of this work on the Internet Archive when the site was and The articles are currently on and is frozen, with a blog which was used for many years and then hacked (another reason I prefer document based systems, not server).

I have long advocated the Importance of Better Text Tools. The articles below go into specifics:

A few hardware ideas, such as removable laptop screen and a desktop display which folds all the way down to be a tablet, or a laptop which folds around, have been implemented in various guises. A more ambitious notion of a M.A.P. was also designed.

For macOS specific issues and suggestions, I hosted for a number of years.I was not fond of a lot of aspects of OS 8, that’s for sure.

For Doug Engelbart I made his ‘Purple Numbers‘ interactive on the web. That was quite a time

At the end of the day, Ownership is what we need in order to improve how we think and work which matters when the computer system acts as a Mirror to our minds.

Prompt: “man using iPad” by Johannes Vermeer, March 2023 { }