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What needs to be done

I think we need to really focus on upgrading text for eduction. Specifically, I think the following should be done. First, the aims:


Augment how text can help students, academics and scientists in particular, and citizens in general:

  • Consume textual information: research, skim read, deep read, analyse
  • Think with textual information: using text in advanced graphs, and beyond
  • Communicate with textural information:

Actions (proposed)

  • Visual-Meta as standard for Pages and Preview.
  • Take Author and Reader in-house as academic focused applications.
  • Curate a larger Academic section on the macOS App Store.

How I can help (consult)

  • Project manage
  • developer relations
  • university relations
  • visual meta

How will education change?  

(Hint, on this one I am talking about how kids now need  to be trained to ask good questions and to validate the answers, rather than write essays….

Work internally and inspire developers externally to build new ways of interacting with text when reading, writing, editing and thinking.


To some this may seem like a list to ‘sell’ my products and projects but the reality is that all my projects and all my work is conducted with the aims listed above.