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XR Interactions

The potential of this work is unleashing new dimensions of knowledge work:

  • Text documents spread out on your wall. You can use a wall in your office like a TV ‘murder wall’ where all the elements of what you are working on is connected and you can instantly reconfigure the views to suit whatever sparks your curiosity. Imagine further being able to tuck it away and work on another huge graph and then switch as you see fit.
  • Edit a document with all the elements around you for easy overviews, not limited to a small rectangular view.
  • Your notes are stored in dynamic memory palaces, connected and available.
  • A timeline is available at a gesture, to see your future calendar and your diary of past events, including recordings of meetings and photographs.
  • Real things–maps, engineering parts, buildings–will be possible to experience in entirely new ways.
  • Abstract information–citation trees in academia, graphs and charts–will be seen in a new light. Something as simple as a diagram takes on a new and more useful character when it can be instantly scaled and traversed.
  • A docuverse of millions of documents is available for you to fly through and see connections between.
  • A comfortable reading space of a single document can be called forth, to let you focus.
  • A billion data points clear as a sculpture and as interactive as clay where you can ‘literally’ unfold subspaces to access different sets of dimensions.
  • You no longer need to look down at your small laptop screen and develop neck and spine injuries which can affect your health over long term, you can look ahead and you can look up, at your world of information.
  • Your hands will conjure tools at will, far beyond what a magic wand might be…